Zippi Shomrat painter ציפי שמרת ציירת

The artist Zipi Shomrat,

Zipi Shomrat was born in Petach – Tikva. She has a B.A degree in the Humanities and a teaching certificate in art (painting) from the Ministry of Education.
Until her retirement she was the director of the instruction center of the Petach –Tikva Municipality and the Interior Ministry.

Today she teaches painting in the community center of Amishav (a section of Petach –Tikva). She has published two children's books and two novels. She is a member of the Petach-Tikva artists association and "IMPACT" - Israeli professional association and in UNESCO, the international cultural division of the U.N. She is also a member of the writer's association of Israel.
Zipi started her professional training in the Petach-Tikva institute of art, continued in the Avni institute, the Art College of Ramat Gan, and then during an extended stay in Germany, in the College of Art in Fielderstadt, and the Academy of Painting in Essligen.
She has had 23 one man shows, 12 of them in Germany. She also participated in group exhibitions in Israel: the Bible House in Tel-Aviv, the Artist's house in Haifa, Yad Labanim in Tel-Aviv, in Ramat Aviv, Ashkelon, Kfar Saba and Petach – Tikva.
In the past, the artist concentrated on painting landscapes using the expressionistic approach, where nature is expressed as seen through her eyes and emotions both in shape and color.
Today she employs a combined technique of prints, photos and acrylic paint on paper, where the subject matter is associative, and the viewer is invited to search for the content and connections for himself. In parallel she is also fascinated by interstellar phenomena invisible to the naked eye, and transmits her fascination to canvas in glorious colors of oils and acrylic.

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